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Bucklee's Naturals Cardinal/Red Bird Nest Box

Bucklee's Naturals Cardinal/Red Bird Nest Box

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Buck lee's Naturals Cardinal/Red Bird Nest Box

  • 1” Natural premium pine wood

  • Not a cheap Chinese box

  • Handcrafted in Dothan, AL

  • Nail and glued for sturdiness


Open front nesting box for cardinals/and robins. Ideal placement of nesting box is on outside of house wall under the eaves of the house. Other locations are Cardinals have different habitat preferences regardless of the type of vegetation. But they usually go for the thick shrubs such as the blueberry, elderberry, pokeberry, spicebush, flowering dogwood and juneberry. They have been found to nest as well in thick vines like the trumpetcreeper which make good and secure hiding places for them. We use non-toxic stains and paints on the exterior of box.